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Why do modern people prefer real dating?

The world has changed so much that modern technology has literally taken over humanity. We can no longer imagine our lives without the Internet, because with its help we make purchases, look for useful information, read the news and even meet new people. 

This gave a big boost to the development of free real dating sites where people can create an account for free to meet lots of interesting matches. It’s super convenient and fast. Many of us are too busy at work and don’t have time for dating in real life at all. 

For those suffering from insecurity and low self-esteem, real dating sites are a true way-out. Of course, they will not help you cope with psychological problems at once, but they can make your life much easier. Surely, you too like chatting with your friends since it’s so cool to be in touch with someone important to you all the time.

Things to keep in mind

Everyone has the right to happiness and to be sincerely and deeply loved. Sometimes, it is enough just to believe that love can be found even on a website. The tendency to marry a foreigner is gaining popularity among women. Therefore, many prefer to meet men on international dating sites, where there are many representatives of different cultures and nationalities. 

This wide range gives women the opportunity to find a really worthy man with whom they can build a real and strong relationship. It strengthens ties between different countries and creates a tolerant attitude toward all races and nations. It’s really great because in modern human society there should be no place for discrimination. 

Virtual dating doesn’t require much effort and is available to the most shy and modest. As a rule, correspondence begins only in case of mutual affection, so you don’t waste time on meaningless communication. Unfortunately, it happens that users of such sites are not set up for a serious relationship but for flirting. And for some people it’s just a way to have fun and a bit of great time.

What’s the right way to get acquainted?

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There are several useful rules that help people make successful introductions. The effectiveness of your communication depends primarily on your behavior and mood. 

Before you start corresponding, choose a person you like. You can express your liking by commenting on that person’s photo. Start a dialogue with a greeting; it is better if it is original as no one likes it when they write banal phrases that immediately give away your lack of imagination. 

Be sociable, polite and friendly. Yet, try not to act clingy and show that you want to get closer and build a strong connection between you.  The point is that this way the interlocutor will quickly lose interest in you. Always keep some sort of understatement and intrigue. Be a mystery that your new friend wants to solve. 

Communication is the key

For initial conversation, it is best to choose neutral topics, such as hobbies, weather, traveling. This will allow you to get to know your new friend better. Avoid topics related to politics, religion, and personal life; it’s too early for that. Find out the purpose of your interlocutor on a free real dating site; if your intentions are the same, you can continue communicating. 

Do not tell another person about your problems and do not complain about life. Don’t talk about bad experiences in past relationships, it can create a negative impression of you. Show that you have a positive attitude and sincerely believe that everything will be all right for you. Convey the idea that you are comfortable with yourself, that you are a complete person who doesn’t need to be in a relationship to feel meaningful. 

Men like independent women who do not throw themselves under a man’s feet, who respect and appreciate themselves. Be honest and don’t hide your true desires. If you’re looking for a love affair for a few days, just say you’re not interested in a long-term partnership, but don’t mind meeting a few times to have a good time together. No one wants to be betrayed and deceived.

Why do online relationships fall apart quickly?

According to the statistics, relationships that began even on the best real dating sites quickly come to an end, not even leading to meeting in real life. Why does this happen? There are many reasons for this. First, there is the great distance between the partners. 

Many matches live in different countries or even come from other continents, being separated by seas, mountains, and oceans. Provided that people do not have a financial opportunity to come to each other, it may seem to them that such a relationship is doomed to a sad end. Many women and men simply do not have confidence in their partner because of distance. 

They feel that something is being hidden from them, that they are being cheated and deceived. This is not always true, but excessive jealousy and a desire for total control over their partner’s personal space leads to discord and frequent conflicts. In addition, you should take into account cultural differences if you are from different nations. 

For example, Muslims have a very strict lifestyle, while Americans and Europeans are more open and liberated. Your naivety can play a cruel joke on you, because some people do not want a serious relationship. There is a type of people who imitate warm feelings and seek material gain from their partner. 

This is terrible and very painful, so you should be very careful. However, this is not the only reason for a breakup. So it happens that after meeting in real life, you realize that this is not the person you desire to build a future and create a family with. Disappointment is very frustrating and unpleasant, but it is better to find it out earlier than to lose time with a person you do not like. 

How to avoid a negative outcome?

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For your feelings to become stronger every day, you need to achieve a high level of harmony and mutual understanding. Under the conditions of Internet communication and great distance it is very difficult, but if you put enough effort, you will succeed. In this case, real dating will be a real salvation for you. Take every opportunity to see your beloved one in real life. 

Do not try to control your partner, give him enough freedom in decision-making. Wisdom will help keep love alive. Treat the person with understanding, support in difficult moments and show sincere care. Ask how your partner’s day was, what happened, why your significant other is in a bad mood, and so on. Do not make scandals and scenes of jealousy, be attentive to their feelings. If you feel an argument is about to happen, take action. 

Throughout the dialogue, pay close attention to your speech. Even if your partner is not very friendly and makes snide remarks about you. Remember: your goal is to get what you want, but to avoid swearing. Any reciprocal angry or ironic passage in her direction — and your dispute will turn into a quarrel. Conflict resolution experts believe that such behavior can embarrass and convince anyone of wrongdoing. If your patience is at a breaking point, take a deep breath and try to calm down. Offer a compromise that works for both of you.

Pros and cons of real dating sites

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of such platforms for interaction between people, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics and preferences of each user. Some people like to spend all their free hours exchanging text messages with different interlocutors, while others consider it a waste of time. Both are entitled to their opinions.

The advantages, of course, include the speed of communication, comfort and the possibility of unlimited communication with a large number of people. In addition, the sites have special filters that allow you to search for a partner according to different parameters, such as age, gender, nationality and country of residence. If you’re shy and insecure, online dating will hide your fears. 

The disadvantages include the inability to quickly meet in real life. The likelihood of encountering a fake account or scammer, as well as other dishonest people who don’t want a relationship, is also quite high if you don’t use a reliable dating service. The virtual picture may be different from the real one. You have no guarantee that your partner is honest with you and is not hiding anything. Such sites can be dangerous for gullible and dreamy people, so you should always think twice before doing anything. Take care and don’t trust strangers so easily. We hope that your personal life will soon get better and you will meet a true love who will protect you from grief and problems.

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