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Is it wise to use a Catholic chat?

If you doubt whether to use a Catholic chat room, you would better stop doubting and benefit from it. There are multiple godly ways to find your perfect match, and Catholic chat rooms are one of the best methods to find your love and stay humble in front of God. Being a Catholic does not mean that you are forbidden to utilize such effective help as chats. On the contrary, Catholic chat online is a great tool to find your husband or wife. However, there are specific rules for using free Catholic chat rooms. Let’s review them now.

Catholic live chat rules:

Rule 1. Pray.

You should always pray before you use a chat. You would better know the will of God about a specific person you want to write a message to before. So live a life of prayer and ask God to give you a sign whether to date a specific person or let them go. The more you pray, the sooner you will receive the answer from the above. It is forbidden to date just for the sake of dating, meaning that you must keep in mind that there is a particular reason for your dating. Ask God to reveal to you His will, then.

Rule 2. Fast.

Sometimes fasting is essential if you need to get a quick answer to your prayer. You would better spend a week or two fasting before deciding to compose a message to someone in a Catholic chat. If you do not want to waste your precious time on someone who is not worth it, you would better treat fasting more seriously. Sometimes, evil spirits distract us from the will of God, and the only way to overcome them is through fasting and prayer.

Rule 3. Be patient.

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Patience is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If a person can wait and is patient, it means that he or she knows God to some extent. If you want to make up your mind about dating someone or not, make sure this person is patient enough and can’t wait for some time before having intimacy with you. Premarital sex is forbidden by the Catholic church, so you would better check out the motives and intentions of your potential partner before you begin to date in real-life.

Rule 4. Be honest.

You would better be sincere and honest, first of all, with yourself. Do not get used to dating a blond man if you like brunettes just because he texted you first. Treat your tastes with respect and be focused on finding the exact person you are looking for. Never agree to get less than you expect and want. You would better compose a list of criteria for your ideal husband or wife specifying every single detail you want to be in them. Wait till you find the exact person you described in your list. 

Rule 5. Stay humble.

Do not complain to the Lord if everything happens not the way you expected it to. Stay humble and wait for the promises of God to be implemented in your life. Notice that He never breaks His promises, and if He gave the son to Abraham, why should not He give you a husband or wife if you ask Him? It is written in Mathews 7:7: «Ask, and it shall be given». If you keep on knocking on the door, sooner or later the door will be opened. Never stop trying and making attempts to find your beloved one. It is the will of God for you to be persistent, but stay humble if it does not work at first. Sometimes, you should wait for the right time to come. 

Rule 6. Praise the Lord.

The best thing you can do to make it happen is to live a life of praise. Praise God for everything He has already given to you. Be grateful for every single moment you are alive. Most of the people on Earth do not even have the Internet connection and computer or smartphone to read an article like this. You should say «Thank You!» to the Lord because He has given you food, clothes, home, and so on. Think about the poor children in Africa who do not even have clean water to drink. Be grateful for every grace and good thing you have in your life. At least, you should praise Him for the fact that you have repented and the Lord has saved you from the eternal fire in hell. 

Rule 7. Be flexible.

Many people are afraid of religious individuals because they think they are not flexible enough. Being flexible does not mean to sin, but it means you are ready to meet more challenges and are open-minded to meet various people and accept them the way they are. Jesus did not judge people, but He loved them no matter how sinful they were. Try to follow Him and open up your heart to various people.  

Rule 8. Be kind.

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Being a Catholic person does not suppose you to get stuck on a specific verse from the Bible. You should practically apply your knowledge. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is kindness. If you are kind, it means you are from God. Help other people, show His love to them through you, and never complain. Note that most successful people are kind. Follow Jesus and if you cannot do something good, just say kind words or pay compliments to a person you like. For instance, if you have met someone special in a Catholic chat, say kind words to him or her, and start your relationship with positive things.

Rule 9. Serve to God.

There is nothing on Earth that can impress God because He has seen everything. However, you might please Him by good deeds or serving Him. For instance, you might volunteer in various church projects. You might visit a group to study the Bible there. Help other people to get warm and give them food. By doing this, you will express your love for God. He will reply to you back with the best person whom you deserve and who will love you similarly to the Lord. Remember Mother Teresa? She is a good example of true kindness and sacrifice. 

Is chatting with various people a sin?

No way you can call Catholic chatting a sin. As long as there are only Catholic people who use them, you will find the right person there who shares the same values and beliefs. It is one of the most effective ways to find your future husband or wife. Moreover, some catholic priests even recommend such sites for religious women and men of God to look for love because it might be difficult to find them in a local Catholic church. What is more, you might even chat with people from overseas and be invited to visit their country. Sounds interesting? For sure, chatting in Catholic chat rooms is such a great method to look for your beloved one since it requires minimum effort. 

Can I find a godly person in a Catholic chat room?

There are plenty of people hanging out on such sites. There, you might find people from various corners of the world. You might find the exact person you have been looking for your whole life. However, it supposes you to be active and persistent. You might date various people at once, but if you decide to meet in-person, you would better focus on one. Of course, there are many godly men and women on such dating sites and chat rooms. If you were unlucky today, you might find the one tomorrow. Just keep on trying and using these chat rooms because your perfect match is at hand. 

Are Catholic chat rooms from God?

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You might either believe it or not, but according to the Bible’s verse in Mathew 12:33: «Ye shall know them by their fruits». As long as you might read multiple testimonials from people who have already used dating websites, this way to find your beloved ones is effective. Try it out to get the results. Stop doubting anymore because according to Jakob 1:6: «The doubter is like a wave of the sea». Trust the Lord and you will reap the fruits of your faith soon.

The bottom line

You need to have at least a little faith using Catholic chat rooms. Some people might say that this way of finding your beloved one is not from God, however, you would better look at their fruits. If someone who is not successful tries to teach you something, you would better not listen to him or her if you do not want to fail as they did. However, be wise and learn from smart people who are open-hearted to share their knowledge and wisdom with you. Praise God for them and pray for such people.

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