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The Most Effective Dating Tips

For some men, it is difficult to ask someone, either a family member or a friend, for advice, especially when it comes to such important matters as relationships with the other sex. However, there are other ways to find out necessary information.

Have you ever noticed how many dating guides are there on the internet? On the one hand, such a source of help from professionals or experienced dating platforms’ users may come in handy for those who are just at the start of their “career” on the online dating scene. On the other hand, a lot of somewhat controversial data is likely to seem overwhelming and even annoying. At the same time, qualitative reviews will be able to alter the men’s views giving important tips and recommendations for a successful relationship.

Dating can be different, but your efforts can have a huge impact on how you deal with your suitor. It is especially important at the early stages of the other half. To help interested parties overcome any possible misconceptions and fears, we have collected top-11 most important dating tips for men. If you are still single, don’t hesitate to get acquainted with the information present below. These speed dating tips will help enthusiasts open new horizons and be happy.

Being late

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Without a doubt, attitudes towards your being late may vary. If you ask for an excuse and explain your reason to miss the right time (it should be serious, don’t forget), the chances to improve the overall impression from your personality are pretty high. However, it would be a mistake to think this concerns offline dating only. If you promise to call your soulmate at 3 pm and then literally disappear for three days without saying a word, it will ruin everything.

Your being late may be perceived as your inability to manage time. Judge for yourself: if a man shows up for a date twenty or thirty minutes later than the appointed time, he will immediately be listed as a boor.  Imagine how it feels like to wait for someone without even knowing if a dater is going to appear at all. That’s why it is so important not to disappoint your beloved in such matters or at least make sure she is aware of your reasons and excuses. There is a rule of thumb to bear in mind: if you would like to be respected, show respect in turn!

Try not to overdo with the flirting technique

Flirting isn’t always easy, but it can get even more complicated if you start remembering all the clever tricks in an attempt to impress her. Instead of relying on flirting, why not just use your natural charms to win her heart? Nobody likes flower language and too sweet compliments, to tell the truth.

Any overwhelming signs of attention may make her feel uncomfortable when communicating with you. Too much isn’t too good, too. Remember that one of the crucial online dating tips for men is to not overdo with flirting.

When you flirt too much, it may seem you avoid discussing serious problems or interesting topics to get to know each other better. When meeting people in real life, try to be casual and maintain eye contact. Of course, it is not acceptable to deceive your soulmate and pretend to be a different person.

Make a good first impression

On dates, first impressions play a big role in the future of a relationship. So, you want to look your best, feel your best, and do whatever it takes to get your destinies with the other half matched. Your hair should be neat and tidy, your clothes should be ironed and clean. On the first date, you should be relaxed, confident and calm. Confidence is a gift for life; any man can learn it. The same relates to your communication via dating services. This is a big part of the art of seduction (in a good sense, of course), and it is sure to attract the attention of a beautiful woman.

Complaints about problems

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Women become uncomfortable in the company of a man who is dissatisfied with his life. There are already too many economic, political and personal problems in the world that weigh on us almost every day. Therefore, in our partner, we are looking, first of all, for a quiet haven, where your soul can always relax and renew its strength. If this refuge is personified by a pessimistic person who talks for hours about how bad all the deals are, the woman simply goes to look for another suitor.

Do not forget that both women and men are much more likely to fall in love with confident, smiling and cheerful people than with whining losers. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and you’ll understand. It’s better to be around an optimistic and determined guy than with an eternally frowning and dissatisfied type. This desire is natural for all women in relation to men.

Of course, that doesn’t mean either that it would be normal to skip discussing some bad topics and issues. When you choose a partner to talk to, you check whether her personality will suit your orientations and ideals. Online dating profile tips recommend partners be sincere but not too much.

Let’s be more precise. Self-irony and jokes in your profile can show off your great sense of humor. Don’t take your attitude to politics and religion very strict from the start. If you would like to mention some personal barriers and beliefs, don’t be rude and don’t start complaining that nobody can really understand you.

Do not get too close

According to psychologists, if a stranger sits down at the table opposite you, it makes you nervous. Immediately there occur associations with investigators and interrogations, even if the girl sees quite a charming young man in front. At the same time, sitting really close to your partner is also not good — it’s too intimate for the first meeting, besides, you can inadvertently push her elbow in the side.

It is best to be located diagonally from your companion. The girl will feel more relaxed, the conversation will be freer, and your companion will have the opportunity to flirt easily. There must be a balance in everything. You do not have to talk about the wedding on the first date, but you don’t have to be overly private either. Make a compliment or a joke, but do not expect too much.

According to online dating message tips, distance is also important. And we don’t mean the accurate number of kilometers or miles that are between you and your soulmate. If you see that a person is uncomfortable about discussing some topics or just has a bad mood today, you shouldn’t push her in order to get expected reactions. If you miss her and would like to talk here and now, that is not a reason for you to make her leave all her duties and responsibilities just to reply to you. Be polite and don’t think if she dates you, no efforts are needed at your end.

Chatter about yourself and your loved one

On the first date, either online or offline, a lot of men often begin to tell different autobiographical and semi-autobiographical stories about themselves in order to demonstrate some (positive) aspects of their character. If you spend the whole evening in such narratives, the girl will definitely think that all you are capable of is chatter and posturing. 

It is best to divide half of the conversation into stories about yourself, and the other half to build on questions to the girl, thanks to which she could create her image in your eyes. After the story about how you filled up a wild animal in the forest, ask the girl about how she feels about meat dishes, how she develops relations with her parents, whether she would like to go to the shooting range with you sometime. 

If you build a conversation with a girl according to this scheme, then you will not say too much about yourself and show attention to the personality of your companion. Thus, by the end of the evening, you will not have to struggle to find some topic to continue the dialogue.

Keep in mind body language signs

Body language is an important component of any communication. Our behavioral signs make the other person understand on a subconscious level what we want to convey. There are actions that speak for our confidence, sympathy, wishes, etc. more than simple words. If you feel insecure, it makes it clear that you don’t want to participate in the conversation. Smile — it is always pleasant and sets up a good mood. Make sure your partner is comfortable and then your date will go well.

This approach is functional when you communicate with your partners via video calls. But what about other scenarios then? If a person writes long messages, keeps on joking, asks questions, you can consider these signs as proof she is attracted to you. When men see their suitors hide too much information and ask private details like their address or financial assistance, it is a high time to remember about online dating safety tips and start looking for a more trustworthy partner.

For those who would like to minimize possible negative outcomes of dating online, it is highly important to set priorities before actually communicating with the other individual. Registered users of dating platforms are supposed to be ready to start a serious relationship with their candidate. If you see that it is far from reality with a particular suitor, don’t be afraid to say goodbye to such a personality. If there is no chemistry, don’t try to make it artificially.

Do not use a mobile phone

Turn it off, or just put it on silent mode. You should be engaged in the conversation and give your attention to the other person. However, during the silence, you can pick up your phone and read the messages, then it will be a good way to let your partner know that you are very busy.

When chatting with an individual online, you should focus on communication with the other half as well. You can do some other things, but it would be a huge mistake to ignore her message for hours. If it is not the best time for you to chat with her, just say it in a polite way. Other tips for online dating will be useless if you don’t feel ready to spend time in dialogues with your beautiful lady.

Be able to listen

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In order to expand your knowledge about the other half, you only need to listen and show how interested you are. Armed with this new information, you will become an interesting conversationalist.

It is important to show that you are able to listen and you are interested in what she says. It’s a great way to make a good impression and get a girl to open up. Do not shake your head to the sides, do not spend too much time with your phone, remember about eye contact, and everything will be ok.

Talking about your ex

There’s nothing good or bad about it. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to discuss your previous relationships with your current partner. If a girl herself begins to climb into this topic too deeply, it is better not to go into the details of your personal life before meeting her and say that you do not support the old relationship, that all your feelings have already gone, etc.  It is a normal scenario to discover that both of you have previous partners, but whether it is necessary to get too many details — we will leave this debate for your consideration.

You need to finish the evening/chat beautifully

Even if the first date was excellent, many girls after returning home begin to torment themselves with questions whether everything was fine. If you like a girl, and you want to meet her more than once, and in general make the relationship more stable and versatile, you need to finish the evening correctly. 

Openly make it clear that she is the girl you like, no need for hints and innuendos. Say that you will never forget this evening or communication. Offer, just not intrusively, have a cup together when you both have time. However, the most effective way is to send a text message. It will let her know that you are seriously interested in her personality.

The Bottom Line

Before a date, take time to think about how to make it special using proven methods and tactics. It’s not a game, but it can certainly be played that way when you have something to offer to the other person. Do not forget to work on yourself to appear in front of the girl in all your glory. Be an interesting conversationalist so that she wants to go on a second date with you, and maybe even something more. After all, a date, either online or offline, shouldn’t bother you too much. Just relax and have a good time.

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