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Why use a Christian chat?

Wondering whether Christian chat rooms are worth using? You might be scared of using such chats, but we would rather you were not afraid. There are many interesting and prudent people hanging out on such Christian chats online. If you are looking for a pious and godly man or woman, feel free to use free Christian chat. However, note that you should follow specific rules when you are using Christian live chat. Let’s review some of them to succeed.

Christian chat room rules:

Rule 1. Be initiative.

Every believer knows the verse from John 3:16 claiming that: «For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.» It means that even God was a leader in relationships between humankind and Him, therefore, He decided to build a relationship with them first. In other words, God was a leader so He expects every Christian man to be a leader when it comes to relationships with a woman. If you like some girl, feel free to message her as fast as you can. However, you could ask the Lord to reveal His will regarding you and her.

Rule 2. Pray.

If you want to find your beloved one, you might make many mistakes if you do not ask God to tell you whether it is worth doing. Pray and ask Him to let you know if it is His will. For instance, you might ask God to prove to you if He agrees to give you a specific woman to date and marry. In other words, you might need some signs to prove to you that He wants the same thing as you might do. If He says «No» to you, stay humble, and ask Him to show you the person He is preparing for you. 

Rule 3. Be humble.

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No matter what is His will concerning you, you must stay humble. No way He will give you someone you dislike or do not find to be sexy. It is a big mistake when people think that God does not know our tastes and priorities when it comes to choosing the person to marry. He created you, so you should expect Him to know everything about you. He will always give you someone He thinks will match you the best, if only you let Him help you make your choice. 

Rule 4. Sex before marriage is a sin.

Never think you can play games with God saying things that you will marry her if she is good in bed. God will never accept such behavior. Premarital sex is a taboo for you if you want to marry a true believer. Only God knows with whom you will be happy even if it seems ridiculous for you, at first. Keep in mind that God wants the best for you to happen and He also knows your future. So trust Him and rely on His will if you want to succeed in marriage and your life in general. 

Rule 5. Grow in spirit.

God created the first family that consisted of mature people. It is normal for a person who wants to marry to grow spiritually. You should be mature enough to accept your partner with all the advantages and disadvantages they might have. Read the Bible and get filled by the Holy Spirit. Praise God through singing, donations, and with all the passion of your soul. 

Rule 6. Serve to the Lord.

The best thing you should do before you meet someone to date and marry is that you might actually learn to serve others. Being a woman of God you should serve your husband to glorify God in your family and relationships. Men are also supposed to be ready to serve their wives when they marry someone. Learn how to do it correctly before you marry to please and praise God.

Rule 7. Be grateful for what you have.

You should be thankful for everything you have in your life before you meet the right person to date. It is impossible to be happy in marriage if you are not happy on your own. Being grateful will help you value your life and all the things God has given to you. Praise Him for the grace of being single and ask Him to give you a spouse. He will respond to you if it is His will for that specific period of your life. 

Rule 8. Wait.

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Wait for the right time to find your beloved one. In most cases, it might happen unexpectedly because you never know when you meet your love. You would rather be ready for that. It means that you should not visit various places, cinemas, or theaters before you find someone you love. On the contrary, you should be actively searching for His will in your life. Dress nicely because the right person might appear in your life when you expect it the least. 

Rule 9. Faith is dead without works.

If you want to find your spouse soon, you should not just wait and that’s it. On the contrary, you should be active. You must have faith that you will meet the right person soon. If you have it, it is good, but it would be even better if you practice your faith. For example, you might use Christian chats to message various girls. There is nothing wrong with chatting with Christian ladies. However, you must focus on one person when you decide to date. 

Is it a sin to use dating chats for a Christian?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you keep on searching for a wife this way, if only you did not sin. There are multiple ways of how you might find your partner, and dating chats are one of such ways. You know, some people say that the Internet is from the devil. However, we suggest that you view it from another perspective. For instance, a knife might be useful when you cut food and might be a weapon when you use it to kill someone. It is our motives that define whether something is from God or not. 

What is allowed in Christian dating?

There is a slight difference between Christian dating and ordinary dating. You should avoid having sex with another person before marriage. However, all the rest remains the same. You will have to become friends with your prospective partner, first of all.  Pay compliments and tell funny stories to open up the heart of your beloved one. Chemistry is a must between a man and woman, no matter whether it is an ordinary date or a Christian one. God is the author of sex, so physical contact should be also taken into consideration. For instance, if your partner touches you without an intention and you feel butterflies in your stomach, it is a sign that you should move on with him or her.

How long should a Christian date before marriage?

In most cases, you should not spend more than two years dating someone. However, you should not spend less than six months to figure out that he or she is the one. During this period of time, both the partners must become the closest friends for each other and feel the chemistry between them. Kisses and hugs are not prohibited when dating someone Christian.  

How do I know if a partner is godly?

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First of all, you must make sure he or she loves God. They should also love his family and friends. The ideal partner must be polite. If it is a man, he is supposed to be a leader. If he or she loves your family too, it is a big plus. However, this person must be looking for God’s will in their life and live a life of constant prayer.  

What does God say about dating and marriage?

The Bible says: «Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh». This verse means that a man should leave his former family of his mother and father, and begin to build relationships with his future wife. They must be supportive to one another, and of course, love each other. They should not only be connected physically but emotionally as well. 

To conclude

You should pray a lot and fast from time to time to get an answer from heaven whether to date a specific person or not. You should obey the will of God if He says that he or she is not for you. It might be painful, but it is better to cry before you marry than after you have a ring on your finger. God loves you and He wants only the best for you. He considers every single criterion you have in your list about your future husband or wife. So trust Him and look for His will. Never make fast decisions without having a revelation that a specific person is for you.

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