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Many men, many minds, but Russian wives are famous for their loyalty. No doubt, they are very beautiful and intelligent. You should visit Russia if you decide to find a Russian wife there. However, finding a Russian wife might not be the easiest thing to do because not all Russian ladies will open up their hearts fast to you. If you keep on trying, you will win the heart of the Russian wife. Let’s review the main methods of how to find a Russian wife.

Methods to attract mature Russian wife:

Method 1. Give her expensive presents.

According to the best Russian wife finder, you should show that you are wealthy enough because most of the Russian ladies would date you only if you have a solid amount of money in your bank account. However, you would better not tell the Russian girl you date your personal information regarding your bank account, no matter how she might beg you because she might be a scammer. 

Method 2. Prove to her that you are an intelligent guy.

Most Russian brides would appreciate it if you have a degree in some discipline. You might be a lawyer, doctor, big boss, and so on to make her interested. You have to find a common language with her and move on with an interesting dialogue. She must make sure you are intelligent enough and can solve her problems, especially, financial ones. Watch out, if the only thing she is interested in is your money.

Method 3. Pay awesome compliments.

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Every Russian wife would adore you if you pay compliments or say kind words to her. They like attention in its various forms, so do not hesitate to say something good to her. Even if you are not the most talkative person, a proper compliment is possible to be expressed by you. Russian women like guys who can win the heart of the lady by saying nice words and paying beautiful compliments.

Method 4. Pay for dinner.

Splitting out the bill is not the best thing you can offer. Never do it if you want to impress a stunning Russian lady. You should pay for the dinner and give generous tips to the waiter that served you to prove to her that you are not mean and greedy. We do understand that it might not be appropriate in your native country to pay for the dinner by yourself and the partners always split the bill, but it works the opposite way in Russia. These women have another mentality, so you would better keep it in mind and pay for her.

Method 5. Be kind and generous.

All Russian women would rather be with a kind man who can donate his money to an ill person or give a few bucks to a beggar. Show that you are not a scrooge and impress her by some good deeds. Every Russian woman wants the father of her future children to be kind and open-hearted, so donate your money to someone in need and impress your Russian wife fast.

Method 6. Approach her mom or dad effectively.

The best method to impress the Russian bride is to make her mother sure that you are worth dating. You might buy flowers or give her candies or other stuff to make her trust you more. Of course, it might not be easy, but if you manage to win the heart of her mom, you will win the heart of your Russian wife, for sure. If her mother has passed away, you should try to find a common language with her father. For instance, you might help him to fix his car or electricity to prove to him that you would be good at household chores with his daughter.

Method 7. Listen to her.

There is no need to turn every date in the psychotherapist session, but you should ensure her that you can listen and actually hear her. If you want to win her heart, sometimes you should listen a lot. According to psychologists, it is normal for all women to speak more than 20,000 words per day while 10,000 words would be enough for most men. So if she did not have an opportunity to speak this amount of words throughout a day, you should patiently wait until she does it. Keep silent and nod from time to time to prove to her that you are interested and never interrupt her.

Method 8. Inspire her.

If you want to be a leader in your future family, you should be able to motivate her. Being a husband means being responsible for both your and her success. You should inspire her to achieve more purposes in her life with you. 

What is a safe way to find a Russian wife?

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The safest way to find a good Russian bride is through using dating agencies. You might need the help of a professional matchmaker to meet your Mrs. Right. This is the safest way because most of the agencies check the potential wives and would ask you to fill out a specific questionnaire. There, you should answer many questions concerning both you and your prospective partner. If they see that you match, they will arrange a date. Once the date is over,a professional psychologist and coach will consult you on how to perform better if it has not worked out at the first attempt. You would also be consulted by a stylist and designer before the date to make sure you look attractive and stunning. 

How to write the first letter to her?

Pull yourself together and imagine she is your best friend. Do not say things connected with the way you were sexually attracted by her. Ensure her that you are interested not only in her body but her personality. Create a unique letter where you keep on having an individual approach to her. Avoid using standard or cliche phrases in your first letter. You should also add a few photos of you where you shine and smile. Ask her to send you a few of her freshest photos, but do not ask to send her a photo where she is in a bikini because she would not treat you seriously.  

What should I do if she does not respond to my letter?

First of all, you have to ensure you have a few ways of reaching her out. It might be her phone number, email address, Skype, and so on. If she is not responding, you should send a copy to her other contact. However, even if she does not want to respond, she might change her mind positively for you if you keep on being persistent. 

What is the main difference between a Russian girl and an American girl?

This is such a good question! The difference is huge, to tell the truth. Firstly, American women are more independent and confident. Russian ladies are shier. However, if it comes to education, Russian women tend to be well-educated and very intelligent while American ladies do not care so much about the presence of the degree in a specific discipline. If you go out with an American lady, you will have to split the bill. Once you date a Russian woman, you will have to pay for her. Both of the women either from Russia or the USA like presents which is a common thing. Bring flowers and candies, and they would appreciate it. 

What are Russian women like?

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All Russian women like to dress nicely, without any exception. They use tons of cosmetics to look good for their potential partners. Even if their salaries are not the biggest ones, they would spend a lot of money and time on shopping. Therefore, if you are looking for a lady who looks gorgeous even if she has to throw away the trash, you should marry a Russian lady. They look stunning no matter what happens in their lives.  

Words of wisdom

If you are interested in finding the best Russian wife, use the service of a matchmaking agency. These are professionals that will help you impress your Russian lady the most by assisting you with your style and things you will say. Do not hesitate to use the professional guidance of mentors because they are well-experienced and able to give you worthy pieces of advice. All Russian brides like leaders. You should prove to her that you can be leading in the relationship. 

Also, you must be ready for language barriers because not all Russian women know English. Therefore, you will have to visit the Russian language classes and in some cases, pay for her English classes if she has no extra money. Are you ready to meet the challenge? Despite the fact that you will have to do your best and try hard to win not only the hearts of your Russian bride but the heart of each of her family members and in some cases, friends, it is absolutely worth dating a Russian woman.

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