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Main Principles of Dating Security

Online dating isn’t only about having fun. Of course, it is a perfect opportunity to give a try to a wonderful solution of getting acquainted with new people simpler than ever before, but this feeling of easiness and excitement can play a bad joke on you. Sometimes individuals are so worried to impress their communication partners that they completely forget about plain rules of safety to ensure their online dating experience won’t be categorized as failed and disappointing.

On the one hand, it may seem that dating security depends on specialized platforms only. Their task is to verify customers’ accounts and to make sure the number of potential scammers is minimal or almost eliminated. Couple-matching algorithms are becoming better every single day, and the same relates to encryption and data protection technologies.

On the other hand, who else can be so thorough and careful about protecting your personal information, except you? Any professional institution wouldn’t be able to help you avoid cases of being stolen if you post images with your credit card details visible just to show off. In this perspective, customers are recommended to cooperate with security dating sites only, not forgetting about caring about what and whom you tell about yourself.

Avoid Social Media Contacts

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To increase the level of your online dating security, it is recommended to make your profile within a particular system a unique one. What does it mean? Specialists say that filling questionnaires thoroughly will let the platform’s match-making services be more accurate and functional. However, the main sense here is to prevent strangers from finding connections between your account on online dating platforms and those on social media systems. In this perspective, you will be more protected.

Don’t be overly sincere in your sharing. Unfortunately, in some cases, it won’t be equal to caring. Strangers who might have ill-minded intentions are always looking for the weakest victims. Being open-hearted and informing every potential suitor about your telephone number, email, etc. is literally forbidden. That’s when online dating platforms’ functionality should be investigated. Modern systems of this kind are pretty advanced, and they allow interested parties to reach out to each other within the platform itself. It is not a problem to make a call or have a video chat with the person you like.


If you are in the club of those who use one and the same login details for all their accounts, congratulations — you are definitely in the risk zone! Of course, you can hardly ever remember all of those letters and numbers for different systems you are subscribed to. You can write them down or use memory-skill algorithms to remember them better. For instance, associations are quite functional.

At the same time, it is not advised to use passwords with any person-related data. That could be your name or surname details, pet nicknames, birthday days or years, etc. If you are trying to choose a secure password, please, use a combination of different letters, including capital ones.

Financial Assistance

Security dating starts with your being attentive and cautious. Just imagine that you are communicating with a person on any topic you like. You feel how interesting your chats are, and there is a desire to have this feeling of happiness forever and ever after. Suddenly, something bad happens to your interlocutor. That could be literally anything, but the main thing is that the problem shouldn’t lead to asking for financial assistance. It is a rule of thumb to remember that this is a direct sign of someone trying to manipulate you by provoking your feelings like sympathy and attraction to the other individual.

Without a doubt, there is nothing weird or wrong in trying to help others, but when this help is really needed. It doesn’t mean you distrust the person by refusing to send funds to his or her account. It is not typical for a loving person who communicates with you remotely to ask for such a type of help and support. It is one of the don’ts in the world of online dating. If you are unlucky to face such a situation, it would be better to think twice or more before actually investing your money for someone’s joy. Don’t allow people to get your tricked and fooled.

Meeting Offline

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Dating security requires a person to be cautious when online communication is transferred to the real world as well. The number of stories when the date’s scenario wasn’t fulfilled as planned initially is something to call an everyday line already. Unfortunately, people decide to rely on the individual they like too much and prefer meeting somewhere secluded. That is one of the critical mistakes daters do.

To make sure you don’t come across a perfect actor whose lying skills are gorgeous and almost second to none, it would be better to check his or her objectives by meeting publicly. In this way, you can protect yourself from someone who would like to use your sincerity and kindness.

This warning is functional for both genders, so don’t underestimate it. There are situations when people were robbed simply because they thought they would never become a person who would get into such a silly trap.

Profile Investigation

On the one hand, it is recommended to avoid connections with social media. On the other hand, it is important to leave an impression that the account is created by a real person, not a scammer. When you create a bio, you can’t copy someone’s style completely. This will be noticeable and wouldn’t attract online daters, especially experienced ones. The profiles are likely to be fake if they include professional photos only. The same concerns cases when the account doesn’t have a single image of a real person.

If the account looks like it belongs to a celebrity, it is another reason to think twice before texting him or her. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are thousands and millions of attractive people out there, but too much photo retouching won’t let you understand how the suitor you choose looks in reality.

Exaggerated Emotions

Another sign you are being manipulated is that a person is trying to impress you by his or her true feelings a few days after getting acquainted. When a potential suitor gets overly emotional for different reasons, this behavior has to be considered suspicious. It may happen that this interlocutor has such a character. In this perspective, apart from following online dating security rules, you have to consider whether such a form of communication is compatible with your desires and has something similar to what you like in chatting and texting with others. 

The majority of dating platforms offer a special block button — you can take control over the list of people to communicate with. Unlike offline hanging-out, it is much simpler to set borders online and choose people that are pleasant and sweet. Don’t make yourself suffer just because you are afraid there would be no second chance. It would be! Luckily, this is one of the advantages of online communication — you can start over again with less stress and panic.

Wrap It Up

Online dating is a funny and interesting experience, and a lot depends on your own attitude how successful it is going to be. That’s why dating security rules are always there. Consider them and avoid typical mistakes of daters. Then your chances to forget about scammers and fake romances will increase. Who knows, maybe you will meet your everlasting love soon?

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