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What Are the Different Types of Dating?

Nowadays, dating is perceived as a formal occasion usually. There are particular stages for partners to experience together to become a solid soulmateship-couple. But so many men, so many minds. This single word can be applied to several types of dating. If you don’t feel ready to follow standard scenarios that aren’t close to your liking and lifestyle (for instance, you simply don’t have enough time to spend in bars or other typical meeting places to find your suitor), knowing possible options will come in handy.

Over time, the preferences may change, and a person may become interested in other forms of relationships. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself — this theory will help you set your borders and decide which types of dating relationships are comfortable and enjoyable at the current moment of your life.

Dating Trends in the 21st Century

Without a doubt, people are finally allowed to choose the right pace for developing their relationships with the opposite sex. A lot depends on your culture, but the social pressure isn’t that heavy as it was a couple of decades ago.

Unfortunately, trying to understand which types of dating are there on the «market», enthusiasts can face wrong terms that make the search a bit confusing. For instance, types of absolute dating and types of relative dating seem completely right and sound. People get curious about what is meant by these pleasant terms. However, unless you are interested in researching how old the remains or their order of formation are, they will be out of useful appliances for you.

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It is high time to find out qualitative means for describing relationships between him and her, so please check carefully:

  • Fun dating — it is typically associated with young generation culture, but there are numerous people who would like to spend time with pleasure without further intentions to get married. Online dating will help you here.
  • Dating for marriage — people are looking for partners with the same or similar family values. Your inner preparedness to have children and raise them together with a partner plays a great role. In this case, online dating is chosen to achieve an opportunity to meet people you could hardly ever see in reality under standard conditions.
  • Dating after divorce — this category should be discussed separately. When people already have enough experience of serious relationships, they are even more delicate in terms of making dating mistakes, compared to beginners. This so-called come-back to the dating arena should be prepared and well-thought-out. In simple words, start dating only when you are ready and would devote yourself to your new partner for 100%.
  • Speed hanging-out — these are offline communication with many individuals at once. The main concept is to arrange several little dates without time losses while offering proper surroundings and environment for getting along with different personalities. This type will help you set your priorities.
  • Micro-dating — dates are believed to be long-term sessions of meeting each other either online or offline. Micro-dating solves the problem for those who have lack of time and other resources but don’t want to be deprived of the pleasure of communicating with great personalities. It is close to speed dating with the only difference you devote your time to one person at once. Whenever you have a break, it is a good chance to arrange a spontaneous real or digital hanging-out.

Unusual Types of Dating Sites

The very first recommendation every enthusiast will come across when getting acquainted with dating platforms is to narrow down the choice options by defining their priorities. There are numerous types of dating sites that take different criteria as their main focus. General platforms usually have various subdivisions. For instance, customers can use the benefits of systems for professional dating, senior relationships, marriage-oriented suitors, etc.

However, this commonly unspoken «et cetera» includes such a rich plethora of options, simple knowing of which can open absolutely new horizons in your online dating experience. In this perspective, before actually choosing something that specific as the following types of dating sites, it is a must-have task to conclude which do’s and don’ts are acceptable for you. If you are looking for sources of extraordinary impressions, taking a quick look at unusual platforms will help you set priorities in a more accurate manner.

Tall Friends

The way you look is an essential criterion for several enthusiasts who are eager to give a try to online dating. In this perspective, some parties decide to simplify the challenge and choose platforms where their main requirement is completely satisfied. For example, one is worried he or she is too tall for his or her partners, so there is nothing weird in searching for an interlocutor with a matching appearance.

In this case, setting certain requirements for someone’s appearance is also a way to help you feel more confident about your own look. If you don’t feel excellent about hanging out with beautiful yet small women, just switch the options and forget about neck pain after looking down on your partner for hours.

Another sample is a dating community for customers who would like to date bearded men. As you can see, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are powerful enough to ensure your fears and uncertainty won’t influence the way you treat the person to fall in love with.

Communities for Cowboys and Cowgirls

During registration, customers are to fill in the system’s questionnaire and provide nice profile information to increase their chances to be matched with several soulmate-like partners. On common websites, there are a few filters to make the choice more specific. But what about cases when even this functionality doesn’t help? That is where communities that take into account occupation or style of life are of huge value.

For those enthusiasts who are interested in marriage and serious relationships, standard platforms may be insufficient, since they are looking for a suitor to enjoy country life and keep away from all the hassle and stress connected with city tempos of being. Equestrian singles will be able to meet people who are as capable of riding horses as they are. To tell the truth, under standard conditions, this seems an absolutely untypical skill for an average person, regardless of gender.

The same purpose can be satisfied by following sites for farmers or Amish people only. Such communities only prove that it has become easier to find same-minded singles than ever before. Just think about your chances to meet a person who matches the entire list of your requirements and expectations from the potential lover. There are billions of people in the world, and online dating in its divergence allows increasing your pool of candidates without difficulty.

The majority of platforms are accessible for free in this case, but some features may require extra fees. Don’t forget about dating safety rules and check customers’ reviews before giving your preference to this or that website.

Cuisine Orientation

types of dating site

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — this proverb is familiar for numerous people around the globe. It is frequently used in literature, and such famous authors as Ring Lardner and Jerome K. Jerome used it in their works. A lot believe that cooking for a partner is a wonderful way to succeed in winning his attraction and affections. But what if we go a little further?

Chatting with strangers online, you start asking questions in order to get to know each other better. This is a typical scenario (unless you are interested in hook-up culture relationships with a person). Talking about food tastes can make people closer or vice versa. Food preferences frequently depend on the target individual’s culture and spread traditions in his or her land. It is not a rare case when people simply don’t understand other persons’ tastes and find them weird or non-acceptable for them.

Of course, we don’t mean all those strangest things that you could have already imagined from the previous line. The role of dating platforms is simpler in this case: they offer their services for people with the same food preferences only. For instance, there are communities for men and women who are crazy about bacon. Besides, there are systems for people with impressive passions for hot sauce.

If you already know how unique things you find delicious are, why not try to talk to individuals with the same preferences? Gluten-free singles, vegans, and coffee lovers — the divergence is bigger than it may seem. We are sure the process will bring you lots of joy and delight. Cross-cultural relationships are a frequent choice here too. If you love Indian or Russian food, who else will be able to impress you with their cooking skills, except natives? Anyway, it is up to you to decide which priorities are more important and influential for you.


The dating types of women and men are totally unique. As practice shows, the more aware a person is of his or her interests and insight desires, the more qualitative the search for an everlasting love will be in the end. Don’t be afraid of being unlike others — appreciate your own value and don’t allow others to make you feel uncertain about who you are. That’s why different types of dating have already appeared. So you are just to choose which one is most suitable and start enjoying communication with soulmates!

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