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Is using a Muslim chat wise?

Muslim chat rooms are a modern way for various Muslim men and women to find their love. No matter how strict the religion might be, they can use a chance to find their beloved there. For instance, you might use Muslim chat rooms in the USA if you are looking for a good wife or husband. Note that Muslim chat rooms suppose you to follow specific rules. Let’s review the main things you need to know about using a chat with Muslim girls.

Muslim chat online rules:

Rule 1. A man must contact her first.

One of the main rules of Muslim live chat is that a man is supposed to approach the woman first. It means that he has to be the first to write a message or invite her to the chat. Therefore, most Muslim girls should wait patiently until he reaches them. It might be troublesome for some Muslim ladies to do it, but this is a must.

Rule 2. No sexual connotation.

Sex before marriage is prohibited in Muslim countries. Therefore, you should not try to seduce or flirt with your charming Muslim lady. Instead, you must prove to her that you are ready to create a family and can be responsible for her and your kids. You should also ensure that you have enough money and can be a breadwinner in your family. Money is a very serious aspect of life for every man who wants to marry. 

Rule 3. Use correct language.

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Every woman hates when a man texts her with multiple mistakes in every sentence. Some women are even irritated by such illiteracy. You would better use specific grammar services like Ginger or Grammarly when you create a message to your charming Muslim girl. Do not annoy her with your lack of knowledge. Your friends might understand it, but she will not.

Rule 4. Live a life of prayer.

According to Islam, every person has to pray a few times per day. If a woman does not pray in marriage, a man might divorce her. Therefore, you would rather practice living a life of prayer before you actually get married. Note that you might tell everything you want to God. Open up your heart and describe every situation the way it is from your perspective. Praying might be a very interesting and exciting thing if you do it correctly.  

Rule 5. Pay compliments.

It is normal for every man who likes a girl to pay compliments to her. Show her that you like the way she looks. Say some kind and nice words to her to make her feel you accept her the way she is. Paying compliments is a normal way to prove to Muslim women that you love them. Note that you must also be ready to prove it materially.

Rule 6. Send gifts to her.

All Muslim women like gifts. If there is an option on a dating site to send some digital gifts to someone, you must use this opportunity. The more money you spend on her, the better it will be for your future relationships. Remember that by presenting her you build trust and invest in your happiness with her.   

Rule 7. Have only pure motives.

You should begin to chat with Muslim girls only if your intentions are good. There is no such thing and notion as dating in Muslim countries because in most cases, their parents arrange marriages for them. A girl who is 9 can actually get married. If you chat with a Muslim girl, her parents might be aware of that and will choose you as a future husband for her if you prove to both them and her that you can afford to marry such a charming lady.

Rule 8. Love her.

There is nothing worse than sex without love. If you do not love her, your marriage might be such a nightmare because all human beings are created with a right to love and choose. If a husband does not love his wife and he is impotent, a Muslim woman might divorce him. However, is divorce a thing you were looking for? If you love her, you should prove to her that you do. In some cases, you might give her a little present or flowers. Kisses and hugs are available only after marriage, so do not rush to show all of your love to her at once. Seek for both love and the will of God when you decide whom to marry. 

Is it okay to kiss before marriage?

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No, it is not okay according to Islam. You should wait before you marry your Muslim girl. Even if you are planning to get married soon, still, kisses and hugs are taboo. 

What is halal dating?

This is a type of dating when men and women meet up to get to know each other more. However, both of them are aware of the fact that it all is supposed to end up in marriage. Since there is no such notion in Islam as dating, they date this way to find out more information about each other. Also, a man and woman are not alone on the date but surrounded by other people such as members of their families. So Muslim people learn more about each other and decide whether they want to move on. 

What are the seven biggest sins in Islam?

First of all, it is to shirk. This means that there are supposed to be no other gods praised but just Allah. Magic is a second sin. Number three sin is consuming riba. It means that nobody must act while looking for their own interests.  The fourth sin is snatching the property of the orphan. Number five sin is when you accuse a pious, chaste, and believing women of adultery. The sixth sin is taking someone’s life unjustly. The last biggest sin is fleeing from the battlefield.  

What is haram for a woman?

According to Islam, both men and women are prohibited to wear clothes that do not cover their body parts properly. They should not also wear transparent clothes. Therefore, every woman and man should dress in acceptable clothes covering most parts of their bodies.

Is halal dating allowed in Muslim countries?

Halal means acceptable. Some Muslim women and men find their love by faith. However, there are many of them who use dating apps that are permissible in Islamic countries. It depends on you which way you would choose and no one will judge you if you meet in a public place in presence of your parents.  

Can Muslims get tattoos?

Tattoos are considered to be haram or forbidden in Muslim countries. If a person has a tattoo, he can not pray as other people can.

What are the rules of wearing hijab?

Religious women should not encourage other men to gaze at her. She must cover most parts of her body with a hijab. They must not display their ornaments and beauty to other people except their husbands. 

Is dancing prohibited in Islam?

Most Muslim people say that the Prophet Muhammad did not dance, so they think they are not supposed to do it as well. However, it is not clearly stated in Quran which means it is okay to dance. 

Can I find my love on dating sites for Muslim girls?

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If only you were able to pay her bills. You have a chance to meet every girl, but only in the presence of her parents or yours. If you dream to create a beautiful Muslim family, do not hesitate to make your dream come true. Message a Muslim girl you like and wait patiently for her to respond. If she does not want to respond, you should not wait till she does because it is pointless. Trust your instincts when you have a halal date with her. If there is chemistry between you and you feel it deeply in your bones, do not postpone to propose to her because she might be the one and only for you. 

Words of wisdom

Some of the Muslim traditions might sound ridiculous and old-fashioned but note that they have been cultivated for ages. If you dream to marry a believing virgin, you would better scan Muslim dating websites to find the one for you. However, if you want just to have fun, you would better not touch any Muslim woman and never text her because her parents might revenge on you for that. 

If you want to create a happy and godly family, you might better use chat rooms for Muslim people or ask your family members to help you select the right person. If you are a Muslim woman, you would rather keep being a virgin and follow the traditions of your family. Obey the laws and rules of Islam if you want to find the person who is equal to you in their faith. Trust your intuition and instincts in the process of choosing your beloved one.

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