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Why do men need dating advice?

No matter how much money you earn, there are still people who might be more mature than you if it comes to dating. We offer our online dating advice for you to feel free to enjoy dating various women you find on dating websites. If you use these senior dating pieces of advice for men, you will succeed and soon create a happy family. Sounds interesting? What is more, you will be able to utilize an online dating chat easily. Let’s begin to review striking senior dating advice for men now.

Best dating pieces of advice:

Advice 1. Show initiative first.

It is normal for a man to be a leader in a relationship. Therefore, feel free to message her if you like her profile that you find online. Most girls would appreciate you behaving this way because they might have been waiting for a guy like you. All women like men who react first because they feel safe and secure when they are with them. It is a kind of a tradition for men to lead relationships. 

Advice 2. Do not seduce her.

The first date is not the best time to have intimacy with a girl because it is too early and she might not be ready for that. Every man wants to have sex, but if you want to build a healthy relationship that will end up in marriage, you would better wait. Sometimes it would be even better to wait till you marry for your charming lady to feel more relaxed and free with you. If you are looking for lasting love, you should be patient till the end.

Advice 3. Pay compliments to her.

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Every girl likes compliments. Say something kind but personal to her. She must feel that she is the only one for you and special. For example, you might highlight how beautiful she is or how sweet her perfume is. You must make her feel loved and cared. She should realize that all her preparations for the date were not a waste of time.

Advice 4. Give her a gift.

It might be either an expensive present like a golden bracelet or a little gift like a bar of chocolate or flowers. No matter how rich or poor you are, you should always give her something. According to Gary Chapman, the author of the bestselling book «Five love languages», one of the love languages is presents. It means that a woman would feel that she is loved by you if you give her a gift. For her, it is a sign of your attention and care about her feelings.

Advice 5. Be polite to the waiters or waitresses.

Many women have become smart these days. They know that if a man is polite and kind to people who serve him, he will be polite and caring to his wife. Also, if he has a good relationship with his mother, he will be a good husband and father for your kids. Therefore, if your attitude to people who serve you is mostly negative, you would better change it because you will never make your wife happy. Being polite is not a big deal, so keep it in mind when you are in a restaurant with her.

Advice 6. Make her smile.

If you have agreed to be a leader in your relationships, it is time to prove it. Say something funny to her, play jokes, or tell her an interesting story from your past. Make her interested in a person like you and leave her in high spirits at the end of the date. She must think about you for the rest of the day. Congratulations if you managed to improve her mood on the date and made her happy. It is a good sign that you can find a common language with her.  

Advice 7. Check the chemistry.

Chemistry is a thing that must not be neglected, even on the first date. You might try to touch her or touch her unintentionally. What do you feel? Do you want this moment to last forever? Are you interested in her as a sexual object? Answer these questions before you propose to her because it might be too late then. It is awesome if you like her as a personality and want her as a woman because you will have more agreement in future relationships. Ignore the pieces of advice from men who say that sex is not important because they are obviously lying.

Advice 8. Plan your date with her.

It is very useful to plan your date in advance. By doing this, you prevent your conversation from awkward pauses. You might ask a few questions out of your list and discuss controversial topics. However, there is no need to overdo and ask too many questions for her not to feel like she is in an interview to get a job. Just a few questions would be enough to hook her and make her interested.

Advice 9. Entertain her.

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Of course, you should not turn into a clown during the date, but a few jokes would be appropriate. Encourage her interest in you and say something unique. She must feel relaxed on the date and be herself. Do not ask too personal questions on the first date. Keep balance and say something smart. Give her food for thought at the end of the date to motivate her to think about you in the aftermath. 

Advice 10. Make sure she is safe to get home.

You might either walk her home by yourself or order a taxi for her. However, not all women will be ready to give you their home address. You would better ask her to tell you when she gets home. If you do it, for her, it means that you care that she is safe and secure which will be a big plus for you.  

Which of the dating ways is the best one?

There are a few dating ways to find your charming lady. Firstly, you might use the online dating method. For that, you should register on one of the dating websites and text a girl you like. You might either focus on one person or compose messages to a few women. This way you are absolutely safe if only you did not give your personal bank account information to a stranger too soon. If the only thing she is interested in is your money, probably, this is a scam.  

The second way to find your beloved one might be through speed dating sessions. You should come to such a date with a lot of energy and dress nicely because you will need to meet up to 25 women spending from 5 to 10 minutes talking to each of them. By doing this, you will have to give your contact information only to a girl you really like.

Method three to find your beloved one is via your friends and colleagues. Using this method, there might be a third party who recommends a specific person to you considering your tastes and priorities. This method is suitable for those who are shy and who cannot find a partner by themselves.

There are also many other ways to find your charming lady, but these ones are the most popular. For example, you might seek your wife in a gym where you exercise, or at the dance workshop, or at the self-improvement seminar. Each way is possible to bring you fruits, so we absolutely do not limit you. 

Are dating sites worth using?

Yes, they are, but you should keep being persistent. Some women tend to ignore messages from men if they dislike their photo or so on. Make sure you add a few photos of you smiling and in action to your profile. Note that if you use a paid version of a dating website, you will enjoy more options. For instance, there would be a moderator to check your profile before you publish it for the presence of mistakes. They will make sure you shine in your profile and stand out among others.

The next thing you should keep in mind is that you will need to be active and send unique messages to every girl you like. No way you might send the same odd text to every woman you like because she might get suspicious that you probably are texting cliche messages to every single girl you like.  Make sure every message is original. One of the benefits of using dating sites is a fact that you should not spend money on visiting a restaurant or paying for a taxi because all you need is your computer or smartphone and an Internet connection. Also, you will not need to waste your time looking for clothes and getting to the date location, which sounds really interesting for every man on a tight budget or who is very busy.

Can I find my love on a free dating website?

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Indeed, there are two versions of dating websites: free and paid. It is up to you which one to use. If you use a free version, you might face multiple fake profiles and scammers. Once you use a paid version of a dating website or app, you will enjoy multiple advantages of it. Note that using a free version is not that bad because even more people use it since they can afford it. Therefore, you might find your beloved one even faster than it might have been through a paid version of a dating website.  

Which of the dating methods do modern people tend to use more? 

The most popular method to find your beloved one is through dating sites. More and more people register online every day with the target to find their charming lady. There are many testimonials from various couples who managed to find each other on a specific dating site. If you want to get inspired by practical tips on how to find your love fast on dating sites, you would better read them once more.  

Words of wisdom

Do not rush to invite the first woman who answers your message on a dating site to date. Wait until a few people do it. Time will show whether your interest in her and her interest in you was a true one. On the other hand, you should react fast if a woman you like the most stops answering your messages because probably it is time to date her and she understands it. Do not be either too slow or too fast, just keep the balance.

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